Tracks Inspector

Tracks Inspector creates innovative software enabling users to collaborate on the investigation of large volumes of digital evidence. We have years of experience in digital investigations and collaboration with detectives, senior investigative officers and private investigators. We innovate with our customers and through public private partnerships in The Hague Security Delta. Our solutions are delivered to both public as well as corporate customers through our world-wide network of resellers. Feature products are “Tracks Inspector: digital forensics for investigators” and “Cyber agent technology: empowering investigators in the online world”.

The Tracks Inspector software was acquired by Magnet Forensics LLC in 2018 and will be rebranded to Magnet REVIEW (also see this article) . This website will be integrated in the Magnet Forensics website. Tracks Inspector BV has been renamed to Volto Labs BV that is continuing the Cyber Agent Technology business. More information about Volto Labs BV and it’s products can be found on the new website. Tracks Inspector founders Marco de Moulin and Hans Henseler have now joined Magnet Forensics to participate in the integration, development and further commercialisation of Tracks Inspector software as Magnet REVIEW. Tracks Inspector founder Rens de Wolf is now managing director of Volto Labs BV.