Tracks Inspector is Joining Magnet Forensics as Magnet Review™

The following is a blog post from Magnet Forensics CEO, Adam Belsher. Every investigation now includes potential evidence from smartphones, computers, programs in the cloud and even smart “IoT” devices. That evidence is often critical to making the case. While there is great opportunity to find first-hand evidence among the digital footprint we create in […]

Tracks Inspector Appliances by Dell OEM

Industrialize the processes around the examination of digital devices Digital evidence is now involved in most cases and presents police forces with real challenges. It is not only about high-tech crime. Forces should be prepared to deal with the amount of digital evidence being gathered, particularly in cases such as harassment, sexting and serious domestic […]

Nottinghamshire Police investigates biggest case ever with Tracks Inspector

Sergeant Tom Oldroyd oversees the high-tech crime digital investigations department of Nottinghamshire Police. In 2016 his organization was involved in a criminal investigation into an organised crime group. They quickly discovered two other police forces were investigating the same criminal organization and joined forces. It became the biggest case they ever investigated. Tom explained that […]

Industrialize the processes around the examination of digital devices

The BBC reported on their website [1] that police forces in England and Wales risk being “overwhelmed” by the volume of digital evidence. This was a response to the recent publication by her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) of the PEEL police efficiency 2016 report [2]. In fact, police forces around the world are at […]

Teaching digital evidence concepts to investigators

Undergraduate students from forensic science bachelor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) learn everything there is to know about traditional “wet” forensic sciences but not much about digital forensics. This is about to change. Starting this semester, students will be using the Digital Evidence Dashboard (DED) prototype to get more familiar with investigating digital […]