Digital evidence awareness class

On tDSC00601he 8th of October Tracks Inspector welcomed 12 B.Sc. students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). The field of study of these students is focused primarily on forensic science. However, as digital data is growing at an exponential rate, the students are made aware of digital evidence in the final year of their study.

The students are separated in teams and Tracks Inspector agreed to teach 3 teams in a half day hands-on workshop. The workshop aims to give students a bit more insight into the field of digital forensics. Since most of the students had a non-technical background, the main focus was to educate them about the basics of the importance of digital forensics. We addressed questions such as: what kind of digital evidence can you find at a crime scene, how can digital evidence be collected in a forensically sound way, when should you ask a digital forensics expert for assistance and what data is of importance in an investigation.

DSC00598After discussing these questions it was time for the hands-on part. For this we designed a challenge that would have to be solved by each team separately. The challenge consisted  of several questions, for which they would have to find the answers to using the Tracks Inspector tool. Each team received multiple user accounts so that they could speed up the investigation by collaborating with multiple users. We used the standard Demo Case on our demo server which contains already processed data of mobile phones, computers and hard disks.

Here at Tracks Inspector, we focus on the ease-of-use of our software, so this was essentially a challenge for both parties. For us to experience if a student with an almost non-existent technical background, was able to complete the challenge with little or no explanation about Tracks Inspector, and for the students to experience the tool for the first time and yet still be able to complete the assignment.

After one hour we returned to the class room to discuss the answers. As expected, all of the students were able to complete the challenge by using Tracks Inspector, they found most of the data, and had answered the challenge questions correctly. The students were excited about the challenge, but told us that they found the world of digital evidence quite challenging. Nevertheless, Tracks Inspector was able to give those students a bit more insight into the field of digital forensics and it was a great learning experience for all of us.

On November 4th each team will present their findings in a poster presentation at  the annual forensic science theme day that is being organized by the HvA lectorate on Forensic Science in collaboration with the Netherlands Police Academy. Here is a pdf document with the announcement and information on how to attend.  Interested in trying Tracks Inspector and take a look at the Demo Case? Just request a free demo account via our contact form.

Amsterdam University of Applied Science Students