Save the date: DED Symposium March 23rd

The Digital Evidence Dashboard project is nearly finished. Final results, conclusions and a prototype will be presented at a symposium on Wednesday, March 23rd, at the HSD Campus. Save the date and as soon as the definitive programme has been confirmed, we will make it public and you will be able to register your attendance […]

Version 2.0.1 supports Credit Card Extraction

In November we have released version 2.0.1 of Tracks Inspector. In addition to many improvements to existing functionality and new extensions to our API, this version now includes automatic detection of credit card numbers. Tracks Inspector uses this information to create a new content facet filter that distinguishes between Context and Context Name. In this case […]

Tracks Inspector at the Annual Forensic Science Day

On the 4th of November, the Forensic Science Department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) in collaboration with the National Police Academy, organized the Annual Forensic Science Day. This years theme was “Joining Forces: Bits & Bytes within Forensic Science”. The focus was on the collaboration between Digital Forensics Experts, Forensics and Detectives in Law […]

Identities: what are they, merging and exporting

Introduction When we implemented Identities in Tracks Inspector in 2013 we co-authored two scientific papers (see below under more reading). The paper at the International Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Law in Rome triggered  NewScientist to write an article called “Fast digital forensics sniff out accomplices”. The article starts as follows “When a suspect is […]

Tracks Inspector in Switzerland

Tracks Inspector has recently attended 2 conferences in Switzerland. The first of which being the Forensic Investigator Conference which was held by the Swiss Federal Police and Arina AG on the 13th of October. The Forensics Investigator Conference is known as one of the most important events for all government IT-Forensic Investigators. The conference takes […]