Tracks Inspector at the Annual Forensic Science Day

HvA_themadag_forensisch_onderzoek_2015On the 4th of November, the Forensic Science Department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) in collaboration with the National Police Academy, organized the Annual Forensic Science Day. This years theme was “Joining Forces: Bits & Bytes within Forensic Science”. The focus was on the collaboration between Digital Forensics Experts, Forensics and Detectives in Law Enforcement. Keynote of the day was presented by Ruud Elderhorst (Digital Forensics Expert of the National Police) who introduced the online CrimeDiggers contest that Dutch Police have launched to hire more digital experts.

During the day, also the Forensic Science students of the HvA presented their findings and final assignments on mobile forensics and Tracks Inspector. Earlier, on the 8th of October, at the digital evidence awareness class, a group of 12 Bachelor of Science students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences came to visit Tracks Inspector and participated in a half-day workshop in order to understand the Tracks Inspector Solution and to delve into the world of digital forensic investigations. They were briefed on how Tracks Inspector worked, divided into teams and were given a number of questions to be answered. All 3 teams were successful in answering all the questions.

The assignment for the teams of students was to create a poster explaining the importance of digital forensics in relation to the Tracks Inspector product. Members of the Tracks Inspector team were invited on the 4th of November to judge the final posters which the student teams created and were able to view presentations given from various other groups with a focus on digital and mobile forensics.

After a morning of interesting presentations, and after listening to the students give a pitch on Tracks Inspector, the members of the Tracks Inspector team had to judge the posters. Team 5 was the winner, with a to-the-point pitch and their poster which depicted a clear understanding of the Tracks Inspector solution. Their information about mobile forensics was clear and precise and they were able to answer all of our questions followed with factual arguments about the decisions they had made about what to include in the poster.

Overall, the day was an interesting day for all parties involved as it focused on the collaboration between Digital Forensic Experts and non-technical investigators. It was clear that the students which attended the workshop had walked away with a clear concept of the difference between mobile and digital forensics. They understood the difficulties which a digital forensics investigator would encounter, and how the two fields differed. It was a pleasure being included in assisting the new generation of forensic investigators.