Tracks Inspector Version 2.0

TI_ipad_front_picture_webTracks Inspector Version 1.2 was released in 2012 and was built on technologies that were available when we started developing in 2011. Back then Version 1.2 enabled us to meet the requirements of user devices that were in use at that time. Since 2012 web technology and browsers on mobile devices and laptops have continued to develop extremely fast. Early 2014 we designed a roadmap for a new version based on advanced technologies that should be prepared for new capabilities of (mobile) user devices. While quietly working on this newer version we continued releasing updates for Version 1.x in 2014 and 2015 with fresh features such as file carving, optical character recognition (OCR), reporting, while continuously improving existing functionality, e.g., support for mobile phones and tablets, processing and user performance and file format support. We finished developing Version 2.0 in June 2015 and after a summer of testing and fine-tuning, it is now ready and available to our customers. Here is a summary of new features of Version 2.0:

  • New user interface based on AngularJS and HTML5/CSS3 technology which has been used to implement a responsive user interface for numerous devices in any orientation.
  • A RESTful application programming interface (API) that enables 3rd parties to integrate Tracks Inspector with other applications, e.g. for testing, case management, lab automatization tasks for loading evidence, and assigning users to cases, etc.
  • The Lighttpd[1] webserver has been replaced by Nginx[2] to make better use of multi-core systems and faster handling of SSL requests. Nginx is reported to be more stable than Lighttpd by the open source community.
  • The new user interface and API improve overall user experience. Including quick review and tagging by pre-caching review items in the galleries, more robust streaming of video content and more intuitive user, case and evidence unit management.
  • Most new features have already been released in Version 1.7 of Tracks Inspector but some new features are available in Version 2.0 only. For instance, face detection, notifications to users, and the option to fix the number of nodes displayed on a results page.
  • Ready for new features (collaboration, visualization of automated analysis) that are being developed and tested as part of the Digital Evidence Dashboard[3] (DED) project that will be released in 2.x versions in 2016.

Upgrading from version 1.7 to 2.0 does not require reprocessing of existing case data. All reports, tags and comments will remain in place. Curious to see the new look & feel and features of Version 2.0? Apply for a free demo account for our demo server at Customers can contact their reseller to ask for an upgrade.



[3] DED project article on HSD website