Nottinghamshire Police investigates biggest case ever with Tracks Inspector

Sergeant Tom Oldroyd oversees the high-tech crime digital investigations department of Nottinghamshire Police. In 2016 his organization was involved in a criminal investigation into an organised crime group. They quickly discovered two other police forces were investigating the same criminal organization and joined forces. It became the biggest case they ever investigated. Tom explained that […]

Dutch Police helps build Tracks Inspector

Evidence is increasingly digital and just when speed is of the essence, detectives often have to wait for the findings of digital experts. Tracks Inspector prevents this delay: with this program the detectives can begin their investigation almost immediately. Research agency IDC predicts that the volume of data will grow exponentially doubling every 18 months. […]

Tracks Inspector and the Specialist Investigation Vehicle make up a good combination

It’s like a scene in a crime movie: a bus is parked at the crime scene, with police inside conducting forensic digital investigation. In the Dutch region of Twente this is not fiction, but reality: at the initiative of a number of digital investigators, the so-called Specialist Investigation Vehicle (SRV) has been on the road […]

Police Zone Schelde Leie expands their Tracks Inspector system

Just before summer 2013 Police Zone (PZ) Schelde-Leie in Belgium installed their first Tracks Inspector stand-alone server with 10Tb of RAID5 storage and a Physical Evidence System (PES). Before having Tracks Inspector they typically handled 4-5 cases a year for which they requested support from digital forensics experts at the regional computer crime unit which […]