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Every day that a computer sits in a backlog waiting to be processed is one that a criminal remains on the street. Tracks Inspector enables the case investigator to process and extract valuable information from computers and mobile devices without having to wait for the forensic lab, resulting in quicker and more effective prosecutions.
Howard Safir, Chairman and CEO, Vigilant Resources International (Former Police Commissioner for the City of New York)

We got involved with Tracks Inspector because of its usefulness. If you know how to use Internet Explorer, you can use this tool. 95% of the common criminal cases involving digital evidence can be handled by the average detective with Tracks Inspector.
Yalkin Demirkaya, Founder, Cyber Diligence

I have 20 digital specialists and a caseload growth of around 30 per cent a year. Using Tracks Inspector, tactical investigators in the local and district police stations can get to work on cases quickly. You see results fast, and you can work your way through far more cases. We, the digital specialists, can delegate half of our regular work to the tactical investigator.
Ruud Elderhorst, head of the Digital Expertise Agency in Haaglanden, the Netherlands

Our objective with Tracks Inspector was to remove relatively simple digital investigation from the technical expert. It worked. For one investigation we had to study two terabytes of material, ranging from hard disks and SD cards to USB sticks, and we only had one technical specialist available. With Tracks Inspector, five tactical investigators were able to work with the material themselves in only two and a half weeks.
Willem Leeflang, Dutch Police and team leader for the Regional Criminal Investigation Service for North and East Gelderland

This is actually the first time that I’m seeing someone succeed in simplifying complex technology so that non-specialists can work with it. With Tracks Inspector the normal investigator, who is good at seeing connections in evidence, can simply delve into it himself.
Aart Bloemheuvel, Director, IRS Forensic Investigations & Integrity Services B.V.