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We have an online demo server ready that allows you to try and experience Tracks Inspector yourself. Click here and fill the request form to receive your personal credentials for our online trial account. Note that this is a shared demo environment and should not be used to upload sensitive or confidential materials. If you are interested in a proof of concept instead, please indicate this on the request form.

Tracks Inspector Screencasts

If you are not ready to try out Tracks Inspector and want to get an impression of the product features and want to get a better understanding of our user interface, we recommend that you check out the screencasts below.

#1 – How to use the various filters in Tracks Inspector while using the category browser.

This screencast will teach you the functionality of the category browser. The category browser is grouped into 8 categories and enables an investigator to explore items in an evidence unit per category. This offers two advantages to the investigator. First, the investigator does not have to understand which file extensions are relevant and second, the category browser presents a list of facets (e.g. Camera Type, Camera Model, Date Taken) that are specific to the category. The attribute values listed in the evidence unit are presented along with a count of items found with that value (e.g., Canon 40x, Nikon 35x). This provides the investigator with a comprehensive summary of the items that are present in this category. The investigator can filter the category by (de-)selecting attribute values or entering a keyword or date range search in the category browser. Facet filters can be combined, enabling the user to automatically hide irrelevant items and focus on the remaining items. These remaining items can be reviewed and tagged in the category browser which provides either a gallery with thumbnails (picture, video, audio, documents, contacts) or a table with item properties (emails, communication, internet history). The complete content and properties of an item can be inspected using the detailed view.