Ease of Use

Tracks Inspector works with the already installed web browser on the computer or tablet of the investigator. No plug-ins or separate viewer applications are required to view the content of documents, emails, audio, video, pictures, communications, internet history or contacts using Tracks Inspector. In addition, no advanced computer is required to use Tracks Inspector and just a ½ day of training  allows non-technical investigators to fully exploit the features Tracks Inspector has to offer.

From a deployment point of view, getting stated with Tracks Inspector requires only one server. With larger deployments, Tracks Inspector components can be deployed on multiple servers across locations and even agencies. With centralized or decentralized storage and processing with remote access to new evidence files and reviewing makes Tracks Inspector a highly scalable solution with easy migration to different and budget-friendly deployments.

Tracks Inspector outputs forensically sound reports with relevant files attached and ready for review by the prosecution. The current digital challenges for law enforcement are addressed by involving non-technical investigators in a straightforward and structured manner. Investigations once delayed by caseloads in digital forensic laboratories move faster, improving effectiveness and costs for law enforcement agencies.