Tracks Inspector version 2.2 new features

Tracks Inspector version 2.2 can be used to upgrade existing Tracks Inspector systems running on Ubuntu version 12.04. Various tools are upgraded to 16.04 versions (e.g. MySQL 5.6, ffmpeg) anticipating the upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in our next version. Version 2.2 also delivers a new API version based on Python 3 that is required for the integration with Elastic Search.

User Interface

  • Legal Reviewer role can confirm and refute privileged items.
  • Tagging case-wide search results.
  • Evidence unit screen indicates case-wide filter restrictions.
  • Keyword search highlighting and navigation in documents.
  • Redesign case user management interaction. Teams are now managed under “User Management” and can be directly assigned to a case via “Case Management”.
  • Layout of the evidence unit email category has been improved.
  • Improved end-user error handling.
  • Desktop/start menu reconstruction can handle nondefault folder locations (e.g. for Windows operating systems in different languages).
  • Various user interface improvements in active facets widget styling (evidence units management, reporting, team and user management e.g.).
  • Faster user experience because of improved remote procedure call performance.

Back end

  • Support for importing very large XML import files from third party tools.
  • Updated support for new XRY and UFED XML date and time-zone formats, IMSI, ICC (XRY) and OS version (Axiom/IEF).
  • Allow unlimited number of tags in report and report now shows tagging history.
  • Updated hash lists (24,065,981 hashes including NIST hashes 27-12-2016).
  • Installation mandates application database users.
  • Mounting evidence units during system start and unmounting during system stop has been improved.
  • Faster file node discovery on evidence units with NTFS filesystem and more reliable registry file processing.