Upcoming events in Q1 2016


March 23rd: Digital Evidence Dashboard symposium

The Digital Evidence Dashboard project is nearly finished. Together with project partners In-Pact and TNO a symposium will be held on March 23rd at the HSD Campus in The Hague. Project members and workshop participants from Dutch National Police will present and discuss the working concepts that have been developed and tested in the DED project. Tracks Inspector will present a working prototype of the Digital Evidence Dashboard. For more information and registration see the announcement.

March 29-31: DFRWS EU 2016DRFWSEU

This year from March 29-31 the annual DFRWS EU 2016 will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland. As in previous editions in Amsterdam and Dublin, Tracks Inspector is a conference sponsor and will be present with a demo station. At DFRWS EU Tracks Inspector will interact with digital forensics experts and researchers to learn about new standards, developments and advances in (new) open source tools which can be used to further improve our product and collaboration between non-technical investigators and digital forensics experts.